Just below the Belgrade Fortress in Lower Kalemegdan, there lies a hidden museum.  Built buy the Romans and used as a powder magazine by the Austrian army, this current museum space was also used as a night club not too long ago.  Only when it's historical significance was revealed, did it become the museum that sits here today.


Today you will find a rare collection of Roman and Medieval monuments dating back to the 1st century.  There are an assortment of Roman altars, sarcophagi and statues.  

Belgrade Fortress - Roman Museum

The museum space is below the Belgrade Fortress and offers a distinct ambiance to highlight your visit.  Open and exposed stone walls from the original fortress capture a sense of history and transport you back in time.  The old stone walls that were carved out by Romans 2000 years ago now protect their history in this part of the Balkans.

Located in the Lower City at Kalemegdan Park

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