The current flow of Knez Mihailova Street was the center of society during Roman times in this region.   In the past when the Celtic Scordisci tribe named the city 'Singidunum', The Roman Empire invaded and conquered the region eventually using this street as their main road.  The one kilometre long pedestrian only street is protected by the Republic of Serbia as one of the oldest landmarks in the city. The street runs from Republic Square to Kalemegdan Park.

Shopping is one of the main attractions in this landmark area. There are several international brands that have called this street home. The shops have familiar names such as Adidas, Hugo Boss, Sephora, Paciotti, Swarovski and ZARA. Just walking from one end to another will keep your shopping desires satisfied. Ornate fountains and stone carvings envelop the street views to remind the crowds that this zone is packed with history. 

Sitting at the local restaurant patios is a perfect way to enjoy a tasty meal or cool drink while leaning back to examine the distinct stone carvings that decorate nearly all of the architecture. Street performers and local sidewalk merchants are dotted along the street as well as numerous dessert stands.  The many ice cream stands are busiest during the Summer months while in cooler temperatures you can find roasted chestnuts.  Knez Mihailova (Ulica) Street is a perfect destination for a busy but relaxed look into Belgrade life.  When visiting, don't forget to peak into the side streets and walkways, there's always something different to explore.

The bakeries are packed with fresh treats such as burek, a traditional Serbian hot phyllo dough pastry that's usually filled with either minced meat, fruit or cheese... a wonderful accompaniment to a freshly ground specialty coffee, which can be found everywhere.  In the evening and late hours, the street is packed with shoppers and diners dashing to get a seat at one of the many restaurant patios or courtyards.  Serbian chevaps or caseless sausages and sarma (cabbage rolls) can be found on most restaurant menus.

Knez Mihailova St.

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Pedestrian Zone

Named as one of the most beautiful pedestrian zones in Eastern Europe, Knez Mihailova Street in downtown Belgrade is an excellent starting point to tour the city. The street is lined with historic buildings, shops, restaurants and cafes. In the morning hours, the street is a buzz with locals lining up for pastries and coffee to start the day.