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Kalemegdan Park & the belgrade fortress

Kalemegdan Park is an urban park in the central part of the city of Belgrade.   This beloved park is the perfect introduction to the city by exploring its scenic views across the Sava and Danube Rivers as well as the iconic Belgrade Fortress.  Here's a list of Top things to see and do in Kalemegdan Park.


1. Explore History - Walking through the ancient Roman fortress and you will find that several of the gates and towers have been built by or added onto by invading armies that include Ottomans, Hungarians, Huns, Byzantines, and Bulgarians to name a few.  Belgrade Fortress Official website​​

top 10 things to see & do in kalemegdan park belgrade

2. Have a peak into the Ruzica (rose) and St. Petka Churches located on the grounds.  The Ruzica church was used a powder keg that held ammunition and was later turned into a military church.  While visiting, take notice of the chandaliers made from used rifle shells known as 'trench art'.  Sitting just below it is the St. Petka Church that was built on top of a spring that is said to have healing properties.  Many locals today still fill containers with water from the spring.​

3. See the Roman Well - Last used by the Austrian army, the well's water source still hasn't been confirmed although the nearby Sava and Danube rivers have been ruled out.  Built to be a water source for the Austrian army, the well ended up being used a dungeon.  Souls would be thrown in and forgotten about.  

4. Underground War Bunker - Built sometime in the 1950's, this war bunker would be home to soldiers who would live underground for several months at a time arming cannons that pointed out towards the Danube.

5. Visit the Roman Museum - Also known as the 'Big Gunpowder Keg' during Austrian occupation, this space now displays the National Museum collections of stone monuments.  Roman monuments that were discovered in Belgrade are now kept on display here.

6. Kalemegdanska Terrace Bar - Perched on top of the fortress, this outdoor bar overlooks the the Danube with a view of fortress gates and the faint roars of lions from the zoo just behind it.

7. Visit the Belgrade Zoo - The Belgrade Zoo was bombed by Axis forces during WWII.  Locals would run to the zoo during air raids in hopes that Nazi forces wouldn't attack the zoo.  Hope wasn't enough, the Nazis attacked the zoo and killed several hundred animals along with people who were sheltering there.

8. Tanks! - Walk up to and take photos of the decommissioned tanks at this outdoor exhibit.  Military items on display include German, Italian, Yugoslavian and more.

9. Military Museum - Founded in 1878, the Military Museum is home to items from prehistory, antique, medieval times and world war I & II.  

10. Sahat Tower - Climb up to the top of Sahat Clock Tower over Stambol Gate.  Preserved in it's original state, you can walk up the winding stairway inside and get a close up view of the antique gears that still tick away today.