Despot Gate & Castellan Tower

The Belgrade Fortress is an attraction for locals and tourists alike.  Any day or night of the week is busy with people walking the grounds or visiting bars and restaurants that are on site.  Most areas within the grounds are free to the public with some charging a very reasonable entry fee to enter.  Visiting the Military Museum, Sahat Clock Tower or Roman Well cost around 2.00 euros.

Small & Big Staircase from Pariska Street

Ruzica (Rose) Church - the building was first used as a powder magazine

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MILITARY MUSEUM: Museum exhibits at the Military Museum (Vojni Muzej)located inside the grounds of the Belgrade Fortress.

Ruins of Metropolitan's Court

Belgrade Fortress

The Belgrade Fortress is an ideal place for photo opportunities or just to hang out and watch the sun set over the Danube River.

Strategically located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, the plain where the Belgrade Fortress sits has been inhabited since prehistoric times.  Today the fortress is open to the public and showcases some tourist attractions such as the Roman Well, Statue of the Victor and several ramparts and castle-like towers.  

Zindan Gate Complex - built in the middle of the fifteenth century

Monument of the Victor

Free Outdoor Military Museum 

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Looking towards the Danube River at sunset

Inner Stambol Gate & Sahat Clock Tower